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Our Work

Eir Music delivers custom music to individuals and companies around the world, including music for TV
commercials, trailers, and films. We also write and produce pop/rock songs, orchestral music,
piano arrangements, and much more.

Trailer Music

We have delivered trailer music to albums from premium music production companies such as Colossal
Trailer Music, Revolt Production Music, and Atom Music Audio. We have also created custom trailer
music for TV and games for companies and personal productions. A selection of our projects are found below.

Eir Music (Elias Nilsson) collaborated with composer Iliya Zaki and was part of the team of talented composers that created the music for this album. The album is an industry only release, and you can listen to a preview by clicking the video below.

Company: Colossal Trailer Music
Album: Supernova
Style: Epic, dramatic, and emotional orchestral trailer music
Release date: 2016-12-20
Publically released: No

Eon contains 18 trailer tracks and was created by Eir Music (Elias Nilsson) together with a talented team of composers from around the world.

Company: Atom Music Audio
Album: EON
Style: Epic, dramatic, and emotional orchestral trailer music
Release date: 2018-12-07
Publically released: Yes

Gates of Heaven 1 & 2
Eir Music (Elias Nilsson) contributed with several tracks for these albums which were created together with a professional, international team of composers.

Company: Revolt Production Music
Albums: Gates of Heaven 1 & 2
Style: Epic, dramatic, and emotional orchestral trailer music
Release dates: 2016-02-16 and 2017-02-17
Publically released: Yes

Theatre Work

‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore: A Pop Opera
We were fortunate enough to work with the highly skillful and ambitious director/composer Todd Squierti on this project. The music is in the genre of classical musican/opera which was both exciting and inspiring to work on.

Director: Todd Squierti 
‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore: A Pop Opera (Musical)


We have created soundtracks for a number of projects, from documentaries to short films. Due to our contracts with the customers we are not allowed to share the music publically on our website. Please send us a message where you describe your project and we will provide consulting and send you music samples.

Dotter jag dör
”Dotter jag dör” is a melancholic short film directed by Rasmus Söderfjord where the 8 minute long soundtrack is made by Eir Music.

Director: Rasmus Söderfjord
Project: Dotter jag dör (short film)

Ghost Productions

Eir Music has produced songs for countless of people around the world in various genres including pop, piano, hip hop, rock, and orchestral. The productions are often private and/or ghost produced, hence we cannot showcase the music on our website. If you are interested in hearing demos you can send us a message at projects@eirmusic.com and we will provide you with relevant samples.

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